All our members will be united under our new name and new logo. As we move forward together our tradition of excellence will continue

Our future is bright!



AS Laval aims to be an innovative leader and a force in the Canadian soccer landscape, while providing a rewarding experience for each of its players, coaches, referees and volunteers. It is our duty to meet the needs of all of our members. 


AS Laval is committed to providing a high quality soccer environment to all its members so that they have the opportunity to achieve their academic and sporting goals through the game.



Clear information and consistent communication will ensure an open and honest approach in all of our actions.


The consideration that we must have for all the actors in our environment (players, coaches, parents, referees, volunteers) is not negotiable.


Personal discipline, commitment and perseverance are not only essential elements in the acquisition of skills on the soccer field, but also important factors in the development of honest citizens and future leaders in our community.


As a club, we want to ensure that opportunities to play and enjoy soccer are available to all of our members, regardless of age, gender, limitation, financial means or any other socio-demographic factor.


We believe in establishing and maintaining high ethical and technical standards. The quality of our work in the service of others is measured by the quality of our character and our competence.


Our desire to provide a quality service offering to all of our members is our raison d’être. We compare ourselves to the best, but we also know that excellence is a continuous process. We must be humble enough to admit our mistakes and correct them, strong enough to maintain our standards, and always open with the goal of improving and continuing to progress.